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Morning Routine Bundle

This package is no longer available.
What’s your ultimate breakfast combo? Cereals and milk? Pancakes and bacon? Whatever you or your family choose, it’s all included in GOCERY’s Morning Routine Bundle! Start your day right and add to cart this bundle for your breakfast meals.
Food and Pantry Price Qty
FITNESSE Granola Honey 300g ₱ 209.09 2
HONEY STARS Cereal 500g ₱ 210.43 1
Koko Krunch 500g ₱ 220.94 1
MAGNOLIA Cheezee 440g ₱ 129.60 1
MAGNOLIA Fresh Milk 1L ₱ 91.80 2
MAGNOLIA Pancake Plus With Maple Syrup Inside 480g ₱ 75.87 2
MILO Chocolate Powdered Milk Drink 1kg ₱ 289.07 1
SKIPPY Creamy Peanut Butter 462g ₱ 200.85 1


This package is no longer available.
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