About Us

GOCERY is an online platform that removes the routinely and repetitive task of grocery shopping. The platform was designed to make grocery essentials available for delivery to the homes of consumers on a regular basis.

The platform offers basic necessities needed by every household in order to keep their homes tidy and in order. Whether you are a bachelor or a queen living on your own in your apartment, a newly wed couple, a family of three to seven, packages just like your grocery cart have been pre-selected according to what you may normally need and use on a monthly basis.

The products available include cleaning agents for the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and general household; personal care and baby products for bath, as well as car cleaning products.

GOCERY aims to assist each household to plan financially by enabling them to set aside their non-perishable grocery essentials on a monthly basis. These are products that you use consistently (because hey, everyone needs a bath daily! You need to wash your clothes regularly!) but fail to put on top of your priority spending list. The goal is to never see each room in your house run out of these products.